Each piece is hand set with precious gemstones into titanium and assembled with 18k gold by the most talented setters and jewelers in the world.

Precious Gemstones

We use faceted mined White Diamonds (G-H/VS), Cognac Diamonds and Hot Pink Sapphires.

Metals - Alternative Paired with Precious

Created with anodized titanium in combination with 18k gold.

Tonal Design

The pairing of anodized titanium with faceted gemstones and 18k white and rose gold is a study in tonal harmony.

Tansel Fine Jewelry

About Tansel Jewelry

After 15 years living in Brooklyn, NY and leading the corporate design and development team at
David Yurman, Jaime Maynard began a journey creating a fine jewelry collection, Tansel Fine Jewelry in 2021.

In NYC, Jaime was the Head of Design for the categories of High, Fine and Bridal departments under David and Evan Yurman.   She currently lives in her native town of Augusta, GA and continues to consult for large brands who want to enter the jewelry sector.  She travels monthly back to NYC to create jewelry for these brands as well as focus on new collections for Tansel and its growing clientele. 

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"I am fascinated with titanium not only for its color and lightweight properties, but for the difficulty it takes to set precious stones into this rigid metal. Assembling titanium with 18k gold does not allow for clean soldering- only screws and other cold connecting techniques. There are only a few shops around the world that successfully combine these metals and utilize talented setters to set precious stones."

— Jaime Maynard

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